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  • Aqua Sphere

    Born in 1998 with the aim of developing the swimming goggles more comfortable and innovative on the market, the brand Aqua Sphere is the worldwide leader in the fields of recreational swimming, water fitness and triathlon. It is emerging in the world of competitive swimming.

  • Costumi Funkita

    FUNKITA Swimwear

    FUNKITA from Melbourne, Australia, packs as much style and creativity into every piece of our swimwear, activewear, clothing and accessories as it can. Whether you’re in the water or on the land, it’s our mission to ensure our bold, colourful prints keep you inspired day in and day out, and our long-lasting, comfy styles keep you moving, even through your most challenging workout.

    FUNKITA is not a cheapest product on the market because it pay for the highest quality inputs and maintain strict manufacturing standards, but it is not the most expensive either because it dosen’t invest in extravagant marketing campaigns that in the end, are paid for by the custome.

  • DMC

    DMC Elite FinThese award winning swim training short fins are Australian Designed. DMC ELITE SWIM Fins are the World's most sought after swimming training fins. Designed for swim training by the most renowned Australian Swim Product Company - DMC SWIM.

    These swim Training Short fins are made from SILICONE and are super comfortable with much less chance of abrasion than rubber swim fins. These swim training short fins by DMC are great for Lap swimming and particularly Serious Swim Training Used by many Olympic Class Swimming Athletes in Training and Warm Ups.

  • Funky Trunks

    Funky Trunks swimwear

    FUNKY TRUNKS born and bred in Melbourne, Funky Trunks is the Aussie label for guys to make a statement when the pants come down. With crazy colours in comfy styles, spread across an extensive range of swimwear, underwear, beachwear and apparel, Funky Trunks is designed for serious performance without the serious attitude.

    FUNKY TRUNKS is not a cheapest product on the market because it pay for the highest quality inputs and maintain strict manufacturing standards, but it is not the most expensive either because it dosen’t invest in extravagant marketing campaigns that in the end, are paid for by the custome.

  • Jaked

    Jaked swimwear

    Jaked more than skin! Italian company specialized swimwear, active on the market for more than 10 years with an international distribution. Jaked swimsuits are designed for swimming in the pool and are particularly resistant to chlorine, they are also extremely colorful and appealing in the cut. Excellent value for money!

    Jaked women's swimwear Jaked men's swimwear Jaked kids swimwear
    Jaked women's competition swimsuit Jaked men's competition swimsuit Jaked swim gear

  • Libreria dello Sport

    From 1982, LIBRERIA DELLO SPORT is the first Italian bookshop specialized in sport.

    All the different kinds of sport find their place in our shop. In order to cover all the sectors, there is the full availability of several publications concerning all the aspects of the sport world, that is: sport medicine, sport science, physiology and biomechanics of physical exercises, psychology, fitness, nutrition, sport literature and legislation, history, politics, sociology and, more generally, physical exercise and training.

    We obviously have several books in foreign languages, imported directly, in order to compensate for the lacks in the Italian publishing and to ensure a total and international "covering" of the traditional sport sectors.

  • Lofarma

    Lofarma is a leading pharmaceutical company performing research, development, production and marketing activities in the field of specific immunotherapy and diagnostics for the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases.

  • Mad Wave

    Mad Wave swim equipment Mad Wave LTD is a Russian company founded in 2003 that produces and distributes swimming equipment. The Mad Wave team is made up of highly qualified engineers, graphic designers, developers and Olympic swimmers. The brand offers a wide variety of products ranging from swimming accessories to competition swimsuit.

    The passion for swimming combined with the quality engineering and innovative materials of Made Wave can meet the professional needs of swimmers all over the world. The professional race equipment is certified by FINA and meet all international standards.

  • Mizuno

    Mizuno racing swimsuit

    Mizzuno logo Mizuno is a company that makes technologically advanced products capable of enhancing the athlete's performance. In the past the Japanese company has been technical sponsor of the Olympic champion Federica Pellegrini.

    Mizuno produces two models of racing swimsuit the GX-Sonic ST and the GX-Sonic MR.

    The first designed exclusively for sprinters suitable for short races (50 and 100 meters). The second, the MR model, leaves more movement capacity and it's good for competitions up to 200 meters.

  • MP Michael Phelps

    Aqua Sphere distributes in Italy the brand "MP" in collaboration with Michael Phelps, the swimmer's most awarded of all time.

  • Nuotomania

    Welcome in Nuotomania shop!

    Nuotomania Shop logoIf you are a new customer you are entitled to a 5% discount. Register yoursel to receive the discount by email. Register HERE.

    The Nuotomania brand was born in 2007 from the genius of Gian Maria D'Amici founder of the homonymous portal ( the first in Italy specialized in swim training programs. In 2009 the project of the online shop was launched and was born where you can buy swimwear for men or women, swim goggles, swimwear, backpacks and bags, various accessories and much more.

    Nuotomania Shop has served more than 25,000 customers for a total of over 30000 orders. Read our reviews, click HERE

  • Power Breathe

    Power Breathe studiato per migliorare la performance dei muscoli inspiratori e ridurre l’affaticamento respiratorio durante la competizione. Lo strumento esiste in diverse versioni.

  • S-Cream

    S-Crem cosmetics for swimming

    S-Cream Energy Time it's an italian company specialized in sports cosmetics. All the lotions, creams and shampoos are made in Italy according to the restrictive national and European standards.

    The formulas are completely of natural origin, with certified organic ingredients, which ensure total biocompatibility with the skin physiology. The action of S-Cream products is always global and 360 °: the effect is not only carried out locally and in a temporary and superficial way, but incisively involves the complete well-being of the entire skin region to which it is addressed. Furthermore all formulas have NOT been tested on animals and are pet-friendly

  • TYR

    Swimwear, swim goggles, backpacks, competitive swimwear, triathlon wetsuits

    TYRFounded in Huntington Beach, CA by swimwear designer Joseph DiLorenzo (current owner) and 1972 Olympic Bronze Medalist Steve Furniss, TYR Sport was established in 1985 to provide the competitive swim market with vibrant, performance-driven prints. Since its inception three decades ago, TYR has grown to exist as one of the world’s most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands. .

    TYR is constantly developing new technologies for swimwear, competition swimsuit, triathlon wetsuits and swimming goggles. The Durafast patent is a famous polyester fabric, highly resistant to chlorine, developed in the three variants ELITE, ONE and LITE.

    Also very common are TYR triathlon suits, especially those belonging to the Hurricane collection, in the three versions C1, C2, C3, C5.

  • Vadox

    Vadox is the new brand of water sports. A top performance product made of fully hydrophobic fabrics with a surface treatment of ultra speed nano technology.

  • XMetrics

    Italian company operating in the development of new technological devices for swimming. The goal is improve the performance of swimmers by technology.

  • Zone3

    Wetsuits for triathlon, swimrun adn open water

    Wetsuits Zone3Zone3 is a brand founded by elite triathletes at Loughborough University in 2007. Since then the brand has built an excellent reputation in the field of triathlon, open water and swimrun wetsuits.

    The Zone3 products range constantly receives excellent reviews from magazines and customers, thanks to the comfort, speed, price and innovation that distinguish the brand.

    The company's philosophy is to constantly innovate its products, working closely with athletes of all levels to find out what really matters. The technology of wetsuits continues to evolve and Zone3 in the forefront, creating exceptionally comfortable wetsuits, super fast in the water and quick to remove in transition.

    The Zone 3 wetsuits collection is aimed at sports enthusiasts of all levels: from beginners to professionals.

Showing 1 - 32 of 32 items