Mirror swimming goggles

mirrored and polarized goggles for outdoor and/or indoor swimming

The mirror provides additional protection from light and ultraviolet rays. Mirrored swimming goggles are essential when swimming in an open-air bath or open water. In these contexts, in fact, without adequate protection from sunlight, it is impossible to stay in the water due to the strong intensity of light.

mirrored goggles to date are also used in indoor swimming pools where the light intensity is very high during competitions and / or training. In these cases, however, a lighter mirror is used than the classic gold or silver most suitable for outdoor environments. This allows to strain the eye less in the focusing phase.

The mirroring is obtained through deposits of surface coating of metal ions generating a thin film. It goes without saying that a mirrored eyewear is very delicate and that the mirroring can be damaged if the product is not stored with care.

In recent years, polarized swimming goggles have been placed on the market. Polarization is a lens treatment that improves vision by absorbing reflected light, guarantees excellent visual performance by increasing the contrast of vision, 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, reduces visual fatigue, neutralizes the glaring effect induced by the light reflection.

All mirrored and polarized glasses have anti-fog treatment.

€49.49 €54.99
Arena Cobra Core Swipe Mirror racing goggles. Excellent for swimming outdoors but not only. Thanks to the curved polycarbonate lenses, they guarantee a superior field of vision. Low profile, designed to increase hydrodynamics in the water, favoring the athlete's performance. This model features Arena's patented anti-fog swipe technology.
€49.49 €54.99
The XCEED competition goggle combines patented curved lens technology and a hydrodynamic low profile fit to give swimmers a competitive edge in perfect clarity. In addition, the XCEED Titanium Mirror is further enhanced with a layered titanium metal coating for enhanced sun and glare protection.
€26.99 €29.99
The Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Mirrored Titanium goggles yellow / transparent mirror lenses, with white or yellow frame. Equipped with the new EXO-core technology of the bi-material frame that offers maximum comfort and durability. Semi-rigid EXO frame protects glasses and lenses during and after use, while integrated ultra-soft Softeril material offers a...
Swim goggles

Vadox Armstrong Mirror Googles

€12.80 €16.00
Vadox swimming goggles, Armstrong Mirror model. 170º wide vision lens for clearer vision.
Swim goggles

Vadox Monza Mirror Googles

€23.12 €28.90
Vadox swimming goggles, Monza Mirror type. Polycarbonate lenses with a minimal profile, with silver mirror ideal for swimming in a private pool. A goggle designed for competition.
Speedo celebrates the launch of the new competition goggles, the Fastskin Elite Mirror, renewed: a Fastskin Hyper Elite. Designed for the best athletes in the world, Hyper Elite goggles are ideal for competition. The hydrodynamic flat profile minimizes drag in the water, offering the most advanced Speedo IQfit technology for a waterproof and secure fit....
Swim goggles

Aqua Sphere Fastlane Goggles

€26.99 €29.99
The first Fastlane goggles with low profile micro gasket for Aqua Sphere. Asymmetrical and anatomical lens design offers a natural watertight fit with integrated curved lenses for a wide field of view, low profile has a patented strap management system that offers quick hassle-free adjustments and four nose bridge options that ensure a perfect fit.
Speedo V-Class Vue
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Speedo swim goggles

Speedo V-Class Vue

€47.92 €59.90
V-Class Vue Mirror mirror glasses is made with high quality materials and precision engineering. Every aspect of the V-Class was taken into consideration, from the category's leading lens technology to award-winning design details that make the difference. Unisex.
Speedo swim goggles

Speedo V-Class Vue Mirror

€59.92 €74.90
V-Class Vue Mirror mirror glasses is made with high quality materials and precision engineering. Every aspect of the V-Class was taken into consideration, from the category's leading lens technology to award-winning design details that make the difference. Unisex.
Speedo swim goggles

Speedo Virtue Mirror

€59.92 €74.90
The V-Class glasses combine style and performance to offer a new standard in underwater vision. Every aspect of the V-Class was taken into consideration, from the category's leading lens technology to award-winning design details that make the difference.
Open water

Aqua Sphere Vista Pro

€47.99 €59.99
Vista Pro is the first single-lens swimming mask. Aqua Sphere has developed a new technology, a new silicone rubber with AFT technology and a wide range of different colored lenses to make Vista Pro unique. Mirrored, colored and transparent titanium lenses are available combined with our Curved Lens technology. The new buckle system integrates a new...
Speedo swim goggles

Speedo Fastskin Pure Focus Mirror

€61.11 €67.90
Engineered in collaboration with the world’s top athletes, the Fastskin Pure Focus Mirror goggle delivers a 5% reduction in drag*, making it our most advanced and fastest racing goggle ever. Innovative design features ensure that Fastskin Pure Focus delivers the ultimate fusion of speed.
€35.99 €44.99
TYR Special Ops 3.0 polarized glasses. Designed for triathlon and open water swimmers, they feature a range of cutting-edge features including fast adjustment technology, built-in anti-fog, and a wide peripheral visual range. Made with polarized lenses, they offer clarity, optical precision and comfort by filtering 99.9% of the surface glare that causes...
€54.00 €60.00
Cobra Ultra Swipe Arena the most advanced anti-fog ever! A newly designed competition goggle, new Arena Swipe Anti-Fog technology restoring anti-fog protection in perfect condition. Curved mirrored lenses in polycarbonate, capable of ensuring superior optical clarity. Innovative design, designed to increase the hydrodynamics in the water favoring the...
Childrens (6-14)

Tyr Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Junior

€19.12 €23.90
BLACK HAWK Racing Mirrored Junior goggles made with a low-profile design for a snug fit and minimal resistance, are specifically designed to accommodate young athletes while they train and compete. Lightweight and aerodynamic, Blackhawk's watertight construction includes Durafit silicone gaskets, wide peripheral range, and five removable scaffolding size...
Swim goggles

Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Tyr

€26.01 €28.90
Go fast or go home with the Blackhawk Racing Mirrored Goggle. Streamline your swim with the watertight TYR Black Hawk Racing Mirrored Performance Goggle. Designed for competitions and practices, this mirrored goggle features a low-profile, adjustable design for optimal performance.
Swim goggles

Black Hawk Racing Polarized Tyr

€35.91 €39.90
Go fast or go home with the Blackhawk Racing Polarized Goggle. Our #1 all-around goggle, the Blackhawk Racing Polarized is engineered for triathlon, open water and training. Constructed with polarized lenses, the LGSPL latex free performance goggle provides clarity, optical precision and comfort by filtering out 99.9% of the surface glare that causes eye...
Swim goggles

Speedo Aquapure Mirror Female

€25.52 €31.90
The AquaPure Female Goggles from Speedo use IQFit technology to provide a leak free, secure fit, helping to reduce the marks around the wearer's eyes. An elegantly styled goggle which includes interchangeable nose bridges and an easily adjustable strap, to give a great fit and feel comfortable whilst in the water.
Blue/Mirror/White - Arena Python Mirror Blue/Mirror/White - Arena Python Mirror 2
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Arena swim goggles

Arena Python Mirror

€21.59 €26.99
Arena Python Mirror swimming goggles, 100% clear vision. Snake shape ensures a wide field of view, perfect fit effectively keeps both water and moisture out of the way. Model with hard polycarbonate lenses for durability and to guarantee a clear vision. The silicone gaskets are soft on the skin, while the double strap can be adjusted for a custom fit....
Childrens (6-14)

Arena Spider Jr Mirror Goggless

€14.39 €17.99
These super cool junior mirror goggles with hydrodynamic profile, are comfortable, easy to use and great for daily training. Hydrodynamic profile
Swim goggles

Speedo Opal Plus Mirror

€20.72 €25.90
The Speedo Opal Plus Mirror swim goggle, comfortable racing goggle in bright, stand out colours. Hypoallergenic silicone seal and strap. 3 Interchangeable nose bridges for the perfect fit and Mirror finish.
€35.99 €39.99
Kayenne one-piece goggle top of the Aqua Sphere collection. The special design of the lenses, with the four widened angles of view, guarantee hydrodynamics and a 180 ° field of vision. Now also available with polarized lenses that filter light and block the reflections produced by glossy surfaces, increasing the color contrast for a more defined vision....
€26.99 €29.99
The Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Mirror goggle offers a minimal and light design combined with comfort and durability. The new bi-material frame technology (EXO-Core Technology) combines stability and comfort. The patented Advanced Fit technology is integrated into the rubber body design, enhancing the tightness around the eyes and reducing the signs of...
€26.99 €29.99
The first goggle with curved lenses. Following the successful launch of swim mask Seal, Aqua Sphere has decided to apply the patented technology of curved lenses to a swimming goggles giving a 180 °. In addition, the Kaiman Mirror has changed the concept of comfort in the world of glasses introducing Softeril® and quick-adjusting buckle, ensuring optimal...
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