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Pull buoy for swim training

The pull buoy is a float with an eight shape that must be positioned between the legs. It has a specific function that can lead to conditional (increase in strength) and technical improvements (swim roll, sensitivity and support / grip phases of the stroke). In this category you can choose between different pull buoy models available in our online store, some of which have dual functionality (pull buoy + kickboard)

Swimming training aids

Pull Buoy Funky Trunks - Funkita

€14.36 €15.95
Pull buoy FUNKITA - Funky Trunks improves buoyancy, takes the hips higher in the water and teaches the body to swim more horizontally so that it will increase efficiency, speed and strength. Made of durable foam Eva.
Pull Buoy

Boa Buddy Bag Blueseventy

€48.60 €54.00
Boa Buddy Bag Blueseventy improves visibility in the water. An essential accessory for any open water enthusiast. The Buddy Bag Plus adds further visibility with an LED light. Perfect for morning and evening swims. The LED offers more brightness and both steady and flashing modes. It has an internal dry compartment that allows you to easily carry small...
Pull Buoy

Mad Wave VSP Swim Buoy

€25.11 €27.90
VSP Swim Buoy designed for open water swimming. Made in bright colors to make a swimmer more visible on the surface and improve his safety during training and competitions. When needed, the buoy can also be used as a rest support.
Pull Buoy

Mad Wave Pull Buoy EXT

€14.31 €15.90
This Mad Wave Pull Buoy EXT. Thanks to its hydrodynamic shape and its lightness, it is suitable for all types of swimmers. Made of resistant EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) it is an extremely comfortable and practical tool, perfect to accompany you during your workouts.
Mad Wave Pullkick Alignment Mad Wave Pullkick Alignment 2
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Swimming kickboards

Mad Wave Pullkick Alignment

€22.46 €24.95
Mad Wave's Pullkick Alignment combines the advantages of a tablet and a pull buoy. With its unique hydrodynamic shape, with extreme simplicity during a training session, you can use it both as a tablet and as a pull. Made of durable EVA foam material.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Ankle Pull Strap

€6.26 €6.95
The Ankle Pull Strap Trainer helps to hold your feet and ankles together and eliminates kicking, the strap allows you to concentrate to improve and strengthen your upper limbs. Ideally used with Mad Wave's PULL BUOY EXT. One size fits all.
Pull Buoy

Mad Wave Pull Buoy - Core alignment

€16.16 €17.95
The Mad Wave Core Alignment was designed to help improve stroke technique and the accuracy of hip rotation by immobilizing the legs. The unique shape provides the most effective leg fixation, helping you to concentrate on the main sides of your swim. Made of durable EVA material.
Pull Buoy

Arena Pullkick Pro

€14.39 €17.99
The Pullkick Pro Arena is a multifunctional training tool for professional swimmers. It combines two classic devices in one device: the tablet and the pull buoy. The small size and innovative grip increase stability. It can be used together with the Swim Snorkel Pro to focus more on the swimming technique.
 Speedo Fastskin Hand Paddle  Speedo Fastskin Hand Paddle 2
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Pull Buoy

Speedo Fastskin Pull buoy

€22.33 €31.90
Speedo Fastskin pull buoy. Constructed from optimum materials and based on the science behind swimming, Speedo Aqualab have worked with world-class Team Speedo athletes to create a range of ergonomically designed Fastskin training aids. . Pullbuoy isolates your upper body forcing your arms to do the hard work, leaving you free to focus on your arm...
Pull Buoy

Arena Swim Keel

€26.36 €32.95
The Swim Keel is an innovative swimming aid patented by the Arena, it is a tool for multifunctional training.It can be used as a table and pullbuoy and can serve six types of training
Pull Buoy

Arena Freeflow Pull buoy

€14.39 €17.99
Whether you're a hobbying swimmer, a developing athlete or a proven champion, Arena believe in getting everyone in the water - whatever your inspiration! Gives you that traditional figure-of-eight shape, and is made of soft lightweight foam for comfort (and to avoid chafing).
Swimming kickboards

Speedo Pull kick

€18.32 €22.90
Kickboard and Pull Buoy (2 in 1) Speedo for swimming in the pool. In EVA (ethylvinylacetate) with embossed Speedo logo on the upper side. Extremely versatile product that can be used both as a table and as a buoy pull, allowing mixed legs-arms series. Linea Speedo Elite.
Pull Buoy

Speedo Pull Buoy Elite

€16.72 €20.90
Speedo Pull Buoy Elite for swimming in the pool. In EVA (ethylvinylacetate) with Speedo logo printed on the upper and lower sides. From the ergonomic-asymmetric shape designed to facilitate floating in water without impeding the advancement.
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