Swimming training snorkel

The use of the frontal snorkel in swimming is a relatively recent training technique in swimming in the pool. Its usefulness is both conditional and technical. By eliminating the breathing gesture, you can concentrate on the stroke technique as well as reducing the volume of inhaled air increases lung capacity by training the respiratory muscles

Mad Wave Snorkel Pro Man-Junior Mad Wave Snorkel Pro Man-Junior 2
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Mad Wave Snorkel Pro Adults And Children

Mad Wave
M077 CON
€25.11 €27.90
Our Mad Wave Frontal Snorkel PRO is the perfect choice for swimmers looking to focus on perfecting their technique without interruptions. This remarkable tool allows you to maintain a constant underwater view, eliminating the need to turn your head to breathe. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Frontal Snorkel PRO helps you keep your head in the correct...
Arena Swim Snorkel Pro Arena Swim Snorkel Pro 2
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Arena Swim Snorkel Pro

€29.59 €36.99
Front snorkel Arena model Snorkel Pro. Useful both for conditional training (increases tolerance to carbon dioxide) and for technical improvement (alignment of the body, legs, arms). Included 2 mouthpieces, small and large, adjustable strap for a stable fit.
TYR Ultralite Snorkel Elite TYR Ultralite Snorkel Elite 2
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Tyr Ultralite Snorkel Elite

€39.99 €49.99
Front snorkel for conditional training and / or technical swimming Tyr: Ultralite Elite Snorkel. Designed for targeted body alignment training. The simple and safe release buttons on the back of the belt allow quick and easy adjustment. A one-way bleed valve is included for clear and easy breathing.
Swim Snorkel III Arena Swim Snorkel III Arena 2
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Arena Swim Snorkel III

€34.39 €42.99
A training snorkel is the perfect aid for focusing on position in the water and stroke efficiency. Our Swim Snorkel III lets you continually breathe under water without lifting or turning your head.
Cardio Cap Finis Snorkel Cardio Cap Finis Snorkel 2
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Finis Snorkel Cardio Cap

€5.36 €5.95
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Centre Snorkel Speedo Centre Snorkel Speedo 2
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Speedo Centre Snorkel

€43.20 €48.00
Centre Snorkel Speedo is an ideal tool for conditional swimming training. Regular training with a frontal respirator increases the tolerance of carbon dioxide and allows you to concentrate on improving the technique (body alignment, leg and arm stroke)
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