Anti fog

Spray and anti fog

The fogging goggles that much in the race as in training is a very troublesome thing for all swimmers. Fortunately, on the market there are a series of products able to avoid the phenomenon when used properly. Following it you will find a selection

Anti fog

Mad Wave Antifog Spray

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€5.39 €5.99
The ANTI-FOG spray by Mad Wave has been designed to offer an excellent and clear vision in the water! The new technology helps to create a strong and stable anti-fog effect and all you have to do is simply add a few drops inside your swimming goggle!
Anti fog

Arena Istant Anti Fog Spray

€7.99 €9.99
Instant anti-fog. Spray and swim. Reactivates your goggles anti-fog coating. Quicker, more effective and practical than the traditional anti-fog sprays. New revolutionary formula that delivers an extraordinary clarity of vision.
Anti-fog (anti-appannamento) Tyr Anti-fog (anti-appannamento) Tyr  2
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Anti fog

Tyr Anti Fog Spry

€5.60 €7.00
Specifically formulated solution helps keep goggles and eyeglasses clean and fog free. Simply spray on any goggle, mask, or eyeglass lens and wipe clean and the LAF Anti-Fog Spray instantaneously cleans and coats your lens surface.
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