Each product sold by Nuoto Mania Shop on behalf of Nuoto Store s.r.l. to a "consumer" buyer is assisted by the legal guarantee on consumer goods, which covers the lack of conformity that become apparent within 24 months from the date of delivery of the goods.

What is the legal guarantee?
Is the guarantee on the sale of consumer goods provided for by the EU Directive 1999/44 / EC, also known as "guarantee of conformity", which protects you in the event that the products you purchase are in conformity with the sales contract ("Legal Guarantee").
This happens, for example, in the case of products that present manufacturing defects, which cannot be used in the manner declared by the seller, which does not have the characteristics or qualities promised by the seller. To receive warranty service on products sold by Nuoto Mania Shop, you can contact Customer Service by calling +39.331.96.72.629

What is the duration of the legal guarantee?
The legal guarantee covers the lack of conformity that occurs within 24 months from the delivery date of the product you purchased, even if at that date the defect was not immediately apparent. To assert it, you must notify the seller of the defect within 2 months from when you discovered it. Unless proven otherwise, it is assumed that the lack of conformity that occurs within the first 6 months from the delivery date of the goods already existed on that date, unless this hypothesis is incompatible with the nature of the asset or with the nature of the defect of compliance. We recommend that you always keep the purchase receipt that you find in the product packaging, as well as the documents confirming shipment and delivery of the product.

When am I entitled to the legal guarantee?
The legal guarantee has the right only to the consumer, ie to those who buy products for non-professional purposes. For example, if you buy a laptop exclusively for your personal use, you are entitled to a legal guarantee. On the contrary, if you purchase it for use in your work, the legal guarantee does not apply.

Against whom can I rely on the legal guarantee?
If you are a consumer, you can enforce the legal guarantee against those who sold you the product, even if it is a subject other than the manufacturer.

What rights does the legal guarantee give me?
If the product you purchased has a defect covered by the legal guarantee, you are entitled without any expense , to the repair or replacement of the defective product by the seller. You have the right to a price reduction or termination of the contract in the following cases: (a) if replacement or repair of the product is not possible or is excessively expensive; (b) if the seller has failed to repair or replace the product within a reasonable period of time; or (c) if the replacement or repair of the product has caused you significant inconvenience. To determine the amount of the price reduction or the amount to which you are entitled in these cases, the use you have made of the product is taken into account. Keep in mind that a minor defect for which it was not possible or is excessively burdensome to carry out the remedies for repair or replacement does not give the right to terminate the contract.


What to do if there is a lack of conformity?
If you think the product presents a problem resulting from a lack of conformity, a file will be opened in your name and you will be assigned a code for repair or free replacement under warranty of the defective product. The lack of conformity, given the nature of the products sold by Nuoto Mania Shop and easily perishable from use, must be ascertained by the quality service of the manufacturers to whom we will turn to ascertain the nature of the defect.
In case of breakage you will need to send us photos of the product that will help us understand the problem and if there is a lack of conformity. If it cannot be ascertained with the photos we will collect the product (within six months) or you will let us find the product (no more than six months) which will be subjected to verification of the quality control of the manufacturer. Please note that after six months, the purchaser must prove the lack of conformity.

Please note that in the event of a replacement we will deliver the replacement product to you within a reasonable time after you return the non-compliant product. Regarding technical materials such as goggles, race costumes, headphones, paddles, mouthpieces, floats, tablets, please note that careless use can cause damage that is not due to manufacturing defects and that these products have a high level of deterioration in contact with highly corrosive substances or agents such as chlorine, sea salt, sun, detergents, detergents, etc.

In the specific case of the glasses they will not be replaced in case of scratches, elastic breaks, damage to the internal and / or external film of the lenses due to rubbing or use of anti-fog or chemical cleaning products, or other damage caused by careless use or by the aggressive action of agents such as the sun, heat sources and chlorine (yellowing of the white parts etc.).

Silicone boots, if not properly fitted, can break, tear or puncture by fingerprints or claws, or be damaged by prolonged exposure to the sun or heat sources. These cases are not covered by the guarantee.

Race costumes and wetsuits are extremely delicate products and are intended for experienced swimmers. However, even an experienced swimmer can cause damage to such particularly perishable fabrics. The most frequent problems that arise are tears, fingerprints that stretch the fabric, nails, cuts in the points where the greatest pressure is exercised with the hands and fingers to wear the competition costume or the wetsuit. In the case of wetsuits it is also easy to break the zipper due to excessive draft to open it or close it from the strap. Another frequent problem is the rupture of the heat-seams that occur after squatting with spread legs to make the costume rise to the height of the crotch.

All breakages that can be traced these problems will not be considered conformity defects. Remember, moreover, that all products, before being shipped, are carefully checked by the shipping staff and their integrity is verified.

At the time of delivery, the products must be checked by the customer in order to ascertain that they correspond to the items ordered and that they do not present production defects or lack of conformity. Please note that all products, before being shipped, are carefully examined by the Nuoto Mania Shop staff to exclude manufacturing defects and defects. If these are not detected with the first verification, the customer has the right to the legal guarantee, that is to the restoration or change of the purchased good. It is understood that the customer loses this right if he does not report the lack of conformity to the seller within two months from the date on which he discovered the defect.

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