MP Michael Phelps swim goggles

for racing, open water and triathlon

complete range of MP Michael Phelps swim gogglesDeveloped by Aqua Sphere for the MP brand are technologically advanced products that enhance the performance of the swimmer. These goggles have innovative features developed on the basis of advice provided by Michael Phelps.

Xceed and K180 are built with curved low profile hydrodynamic lenses, offering competitive advantages and exceptional clarity. Chronos have an optical technology with Geoplex lenses with a wide view upward, downward, frontal and lateral.

These are just some of the technological advantages of MP goggles that are proposed as competition products. Visit the product sheets to get to know them all in detail.

XCEED Titanium Mirror MP Swim Goggles 2021 XCEED Titanium Mirror MP Swim Goggles 2021 2
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MP XCEED Titanium Mirror Goggles

MP Michael Phelps
€52.11 €57.90
The XCEED competition goggle combines patented curved lens technology and a hydrodynamic low profile fit to give swimmers a competitive edge in perfect clarity. In addition, the XCEED Titanium Mirror is further enhanced with a layered titanium metal coating for enhanced sun and glare protection.
CSmoke/White/Lime - HRONOS goggles MP CSmoke/White/Lime - HRONOS goggles MP 2
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Swedish swim goggles

MP Michael Phelps Chronos

MP Michael Phelps
€10.39 €12.99
New model of Chronos competition goggles designed by MICHAEL PHELPS. They were created with a Geoplex optical technology: precise geometric surfaces and optical lenses that improve front, down, front and side vision.
MP K180 Goggles MP K180 Goggles 2
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Swim goggles

MP K180 Goggles

MP Michael Phelps
€17.99 €19.99
New collection MICHAEL PHELPS: The K180 glasses are designed by Aqua Sphere for competitive swimmers, triathletes and open water swimmers. Hydrodynamic shape, asymmetrical lens with a wider field of view of 180 degrees and interchangeable nose bridges to achieve maximum comfort. Available in different colors.
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