STEP 1: registration. Registration is required to buy securely on Nuoto Mania Shop. To register click on the link at the top right "Your account" . By registering you will create your personal account where your order history will be kept. To register you must enter a series of personal data: name, surname, e-mail, address and telephone number. Correct data entry is essential for successful shipments. The telephone number will be essential if there are problems with the order and / or shipments. The conditions and use of the data entered at the time of registration are specified on the page of the Privacy .

STEP 2: shopping and check out. Once you have created a personal account, you can buy freely on Nuoto Mania Shop. To purchase a product, from the product page click on the green "Add to cart" button. In this way the product will be added to the cart box located at the top right. At this point you can continue shopping by adding other products to the cart or if you prefer you can proceed with sending the order. To send the order and start the payment and shipping procedure, you need to click the "Check out" button in the cart box. The system will then ask you to log in. Once "logos" you will be sent to a summary page where you can change the quantity of the product purchased and where you can enter a promotional "Voucher". This page also shows the shipping address you indicated when registering. Check the accuracy of the address and proceed forward by clicking on the green "Next" button. On the next page you can change the shipping address and / or enter any comments on the order ("Direct communications to the seller"). By clicking again on the green "Next" button you will get to the page where you can choose the shipping method in which the selector of the "General sales conditions" must be ticked. Clicking again on the green "Next" button will take you to the payment page.

STEP 3: payment. On the payment page, select the method that you consider most appropriate. At this point you will find yourself in a summary page where the total amount due and the payment method chosen will be reported. By clicking on the green "Confirm order" button, your order will be sent to Nuoto Mania Shop and you will be redirected to a final page where all the information needed to make the payment is summarized. At the same time the system will send to your address two e-mails: one will be a confirmation of order and in the other you will be reminded of the payment methods. At this point, once payment is made, report it by sending an e-mail to

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