Swimming equipment

On this page you will find direct links to guides written to help our customers in choosing the most suitable products for their swimming level.

Contrary to what is believed swimming it is a complex sport that needs its own equipment. Swim cap, swimwear and goggles are certainly essential, but in addition to these products there is a sphere of accessories that complete the basic kit of a swimmer. Among these we must not forget the slippers, the bathrobe and the bag (or backpack). A basic swimming kit , which could be the ideal one for any client who attends a swimming school course, must be composed of:

  • swimwear - average cost 40 € for women, 25 € for men, 15 € for children;
  • swimming cap - average cost 8 €;
  • goggles - average cost 15 €;
  • < li>bathrobe - average cost 30 €
  • slippers - average cost € 12;
  • bag - average cost € 30;
  • ------------------------------------------------------
  • total average cost: between the 135 and 110 €
    an average cost not insignificant, although it should be stressed that the estimate is made considering only articles of specialized brands in the sector.

If you are an athlete of free swimming for athletic purposes then your basic equipment will inevitably tend to increase. In addition to the basic kit you will need a "training kit" that includes several training equipment. The number of equipment can vary depending on your swimming level and the type of practice but surely they cannot be missing:

  • swimming paddles - average cost € 15 per woman;
  • pull buoy - average cost 10 €;
  • fins (half fins) - average cost 20 €;
  • frontal respirator - average cost 20 €
  • ------------------------------------------------------
  • total average cost: € 65 .

In the case of competitive athletes or master swimmers, the cost increases even more considering the cost of competition costumes and that of training kits which can include up to a dozen tools.

Having said that it is clear that swimming is not such a cheap sport and this emphasizes the importance of choosing the right material for your practice in order to avoid unnecessary waste of money. Nuoto Mania Shop, with all its decades of experience, is always ready to help its customers in this situation. For any doubts our customer service will be happy to assist you in your choices.

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