Cosmetics for swimming

In this category, Swimming Mania Shop offers you a selection of cosmetics specifically designed for swimming. Creams, oils, sprays and everything that modern cosmetic technology can offer.


Colderm Swimseal 7,5 mL

€10.71 €11.90
Swimseal Colderm protective ear drops developed in collaboration with ENT doctors. Swimseal is a medical device indicated to protect the ear from inflammation and pain caused by exposure to water. Swimseal creates a natural barrier that protects the ear from otitis (also external / otitis of the swimmer), inflammation and pain. Facilitates the expulsion...
Anti-chlorine products

Allerkin Spray Nasale 20 mL Lofarma

ALSP20ML 142
After your pool training sessions do you experience a "closed nose" sensation followed by typical paranasal sinus pain? Most likely you suffer from pool sinus or chlorine allergy. Allerkin Lofarma's nasal spray is the solution to your problems. Performing some nasal washes with this spray the inflammation will regress before the chronicity.
Earol Swim nuoto Earol Swim nuoto 2
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Cosmetics for swimming

Audiolswim Tea Tree Oil 10 mL

€13.95 €15.50
Audiolswim Tea Tree Oil delivers a metered dose of a unique blend of Olive Oil Tea Tree Oil into the outer ear finely coating the auditory canal creating a water resistant barrier.This pack contains a minimum of 180 doses.
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