Resistance training

Resistence training tools

Strength training in the water is not easy. The swimmer must resort to a series of instruments able to increase the resistance to advancement in water. Among these, the best are: rubber bands for braked swimming, parachutes for swimming, drag costumes, drag belts and strength bands. All these devices can be used alone or in combination with vanes, fins and pull buoys.

Resistance training

Mad Wave Dry Training

M0771 09
€58.41 €64.90
Mad Wave's DRY TRAINING Trainer has been designed to simulate swimming movements and to improve your strength and stamina. Durable materials and comfortable plastic handles ensure safety and convenience. Comes in five different resistances.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Kick Trainer Short

M0771 08
€22.41 €24.90
Mad Wave's KICK TRAINER was designed to help improve swimming technique to develop the beating of legs and arms. Its resistant materials and comfortable handles guarantee safety and practicality. Available in three different resistances.
Mad Wave Stationary trainer Mad Wave Stationary trainer 2
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Resistance training

Mad Wave Stationary trainer

M0774 01 0 00W
€22.41 €24.90
Elastic Swimming Stationary Mad Wave. Developed to help improve swimming technique by providing accurate body positioning in the pool, it must be connected to the lane lines.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Drag Bag

M0779 03
€8.96 €9.95
The Mad Wave DRAG BAG Trainer has been developed to offer you different levels of resistance during pool training. Compatible with all swimming styles. Available in three different sizes. To be used with the Mad Wave BELT TRAINER device.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Waist Belt 1.2 m

€11.61 €12.90
The Mad Wave adjustable neoprene belt. Fits waist up to 120 cm. Product to be combined with the restrained swimming elastic that you can find at HERE.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Short Belt

M0771 04
€31.41 €34.90
The Mad Wave Short Belt for endurance swimming. designed to improve your pushing technique. The belt with adjustable closure is positioned on the waist of the swimmers.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Long Belt

M0778 03 4 05W
€40.46 €44.95
The Mad Wave Long Belt with elastic cord for swimming with resistance. Develops the strength component of each stroke and the effectiveness of leg work. It allows you to improve the underwater phase of swimming after the start and every turn. The belt with adjustable closure is positioned on the waist of the swimmers and the other end of the cable is...
Resistance training

Mad Wave Ankle Pull Strap

€6.26 €6.95
The Ankle Pull Strap Trainer helps to hold your feet and ankles together and eliminates kicking, the strap allows you to concentrate to improve and strengthen your upper limbs. Ideally used with Mad Wave's PULL BUOY EXT. One size fits all.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Belt Trainer

€20.25 €22.50
The Belt Trainer has been designed to provide additional varying resistance levels when training in the pool. The trainer is compatible with all swimming strokes. To use with Mad Waves DRAG BAG.
Swimming training aids

Mad Wave Drag CHUTE

€44.96 €49.95
Mad Wave's DRAG CHUTE is the ideal choice for improving your upper body strength and stamina when training in the pool. Designed with an adjustable mouth to provide you with varying resistance levels, the DRAG SHUTEs cord combines both durability and stretchiness to ensure maximum safety for the swimmer's spine. The model also features a handy float to...
Resistance training

Swim Parachute

€31.37 €36.90
A comfortable, adjustable nylon belt connected to a durable parachute creates resistance during workout. The added resistance builds muscle and endurance. Compatible with all four swim strokes and does not interfere with kicking or flip turns.
Resistance training

Mad Wave Long Safety cord

€53.10 €59.00
Mad Wave's Long Safety cord has changeable 6 m resistance cord with supplementary safety cord inside. Can be bent and stretched up to 20 m. Durable rubber tubing. Comes in four different resistances.
Resistance training

Arena Drag Suit

€18.39 €22.99
Swim shorts to train your force in the water. This drag suit is designed to provide a slight drag effect that will increase your aerobic workout and make you faster when you slip into your competition suit.
Swimming training aids

Tyr Rally Training Strap

€23.20 €29.00
Designed for advanced swim workouts, the LTAS promotes proper body positioning and upper form strength. With a quick release buckle for simple on and off use, the TYR Training Pull Strap can be modified to use around either the ankles or calves.
Resistance training

Finis 20, 30 cm Swim Parachute

€40.49 €44.99
The Swim Parachute is made up of a comfortable, adjustable nylon belt connected to a durable parachute. With two resistance sizes, Red (8 inches in diameter) and Navy (12 inches in diameter), the Swim Parachute provides varying levels of resistance for everyday training.
Resistance training

Drag Belt

€17.91 €19.90
We are sorry but the English description of this product is currently not available. Try again soon.
Resistance training

Finis Reversible Drag Suit

€17.91 €19.90
The Reversible Drag Suit is a training suit that increases drag resistance to build muscle and endurance. Designed for both men and women , the Reversible Drag suit fits all body types. Intended to be worn over a swimsuit.
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