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DMC Elite FinThese award winning swim training short fins are Australian Designed. DMC ELITE SWIM Fins are the World's most sought after swimming training fins. Designed for swim training by the most renowned Australian Swim Product Company - DMC SWIM.

These swim Training Short fins are made from SILICONE and are super comfortable with much less chance of abrasion than rubber swim fins. These swim training short fins by DMC are great for Lap swimming and particularly Serious Swim Training Used by many Olympic Class Swimming Athletes in Training and Warm Ups.

Training fins

DMC Swim Warrior Fins

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€61.66 €64.90
The DMC has created its latest creation that encompasses all aspects of aquatic propulsion, model Warrior fins. Designed with a durable silicone blend that resists chlorine and salt water well. Recommended for both advanced and novice athletes. With minimum effort to get the maximum thrust, reducing muscle fatigue and cramps because they facilitate the...
Training fins

DMC Swim Elite Fins

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€56.91 €59.90
DMC Swim fins were made in Australia, are the first choice of many top athletes from around the world. Designed with a durable silicone blend that resists chlorine and salt water well. Elite fins are recommended for competitive athletes and beginners because they facilitate the correct execution of many exercises. The DMC silicone blend is of the highest...
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