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goggles for swimming pool and open waters

For a swimmer goggles must be comfortable and ponds during the long training sessions.Here you can find a wide selection of swim goggles for adults and children. Models racing and training suitable for swimming in the pool (indoors and outdoor) and the open water swimming.

Tyr swim goggles

Tyr Tracer-X Nano Racing Goggles

€23.39 €25.99
TYR Tracer-X Racing swimming goggles for adults. Equipped with a range of cutting-edge features including an ultra-low profile design, five removable nose bridge options. Designed for a smaller face size. Equipped with resistant liquid silicone gaskets that guarantee a tight and comfortable seal. In addition, it offers a field of view 15% wider than 206 °.

MP Ninja Goggles

€31.49 €34.99
Ninja racing goggle combines patented frame technology and a low-profile hydrodynamic fit to ensure a lightweight goggle while providing a competitive advantage for swimmers. Adjustable strap.

Triple Black Set Arena

€76.49 €84.99
ARENA's new Triple Black set is a combination of high-quality swim accessories. It contains the Cobra Ultra, competition goggles with the most advanced technology. The 3D Soft cap made of silicone. Housed in a black case featuring the three-diamond Arena logo with a glossy print, this trio of high-tech swim accessories is a beautiful gift set in elegant...
Swim goggles

Arena Cobra Core Swipe Goggles

€40.49 €44.99
Cobra Core Swipe Arena: swimming goggle by newly developed competition, curved lenses polycarbonate, able to ensure a higher optical clarity. innovative design, designed to increase the hydrodynamics in water favoring the athlete's performance. Arena Swipe antifog tecnology.
€49.49 €54.99
Arena Cobra Core Swipe Mirror racing goggles. Excellent for swimming outdoors but not only. Thanks to the curved polycarbonate lenses, they guarantee a superior field of vision. Low profile, designed to increase hydrodynamics in the water, favoring the athlete's performance. This model features Arena's patented anti-fog swipe technology.
€49.49 €54.99
The XCEED competition goggle combines patented curved lens technology and a hydrodynamic low profile fit to give swimmers a competitive edge in perfect clarity. In addition, the XCEED Titanium Mirror is further enhanced with a layered titanium metal coating for enhanced sun and glare protection.
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit Goggles Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit Goggles 2
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Open water

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit Goggles

€15.99 €19.99
The first goggle with curved lenses. Following the successful launch of swim mask Seal, Aqua Sphere has decided to apply the patented technology of curved lenses to a swimming goggles giving a 180 °. In addition, the Kaiman has changed the concept of comfort in the world of glasses introducing Softeril® and quick-adjusting buckle, ensuring optimal comfort.
€26.99 €29.99
The Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Mirrored Titanium goggles yellow / transparent mirror lenses, with white or yellow frame. Equipped with the new EXO-core technology of the bi-material frame that offers maximum comfort and durability. Semi-rigid EXO frame protects glasses and lenses during and after use, while integrated ultra-soft Softeril material offers a...
Swim goggles

Vadox Armstrong Mirror Googles

€12.80 €16.00
Vadox swimming goggles, Armstrong Mirror model. 170º wide vision lens for clearer vision.
Swim goggles

Vadox Armstrong Googles

€12.80 €16.00
Rounded profile soft and wide 3D seal for a perfect seal, these are the characteristics that make Vadox Armstrong swimming goggles a model of choice for open water and for those who train daily. 3D seal
Swim goggles

Vadox Monza Mirror Googles

€23.12 €28.90
Vadox swimming goggles, Monza Mirror type. Polycarbonate lenses with a minimal profile, with silver mirror ideal for swimming in a private pool. A goggle designed for competition.
Swim goggles

Vadox Monza Googles

€19.92 €24.90
Vadox swimming goggles, Monza model. Available in two colors.
Speedo celebrates the launch of the new competition goggles, the Fastskin Elite Mirror, renewed: a Fastskin Hyper Elite. Designed for the best athletes in the world, Hyper Elite goggles are ideal for competition. The hydrodynamic flat profile minimizes drag in the water, offering the most advanced Speedo IQfit technology for a waterproof and secure fit....
€40.41 €44.90
Speedo celebrates the launch of the new competition goggles, the Fastskin Elite, renewed: a Fastskin Hyper Elite. Designed for the best athletes in the world, Hyper Elite goggles are ideal for competition. The hydrodynamic flat profile minimizes drag in the water, offering the most advanced Speedo IQfit technology for a waterproof and secure fit....

Arena Bishamon Goggles Case

€13.49 €14.99
Hard case designed for storing quality goggles. Made of EVA it is very resistant and perfect for protecting the goggles from scratches and bumps. Product belonging to the Arena Bishamon 2021 collection.
Swim goggles

Aqua Sphere Fastlane Goggles

€26.99 €29.99
The first Fastlane goggles with low profile micro gasket for Aqua Sphere. Asymmetrical and anatomical lens design offers a natural watertight fit with integrated curved lenses for a wide field of view, low profile has a patented strap management system that offers quick hassle-free adjustments and four nose bridge options that ensure a perfect fit.

Speedo Hydropure Goggles

€13.52 €16.90
The all-new Hydropure Optical goggle features a large, immersive lens with an increased level of vision. Super soft seals provide a comfortable, cushioned fit around the eyes, while interchangeable nose bridges allow for an individual and personal fit. A fantastic all-round mask suitable for regular and light swimmers now.
Speedo swim goggles

Speedo Hydropulse Goggles

€15.12 €18.90
The brand new Hydropulse is ideal for all swimmers, offering excellent comfort for daily swimming. Super soft seals, double silicone strap and wide vision lenses with anti-fog and UV protection.

Arena Cobra Ultra Swipe

€44.99 €49.99
Cobra Ultra Swipe Arena the most advanced anti-fog ever! A newly designed competition goggle, new Arena Swipe Anti-Fog technology restoring anti-fog protection in perfect condition. Curved mirrored lenses in polycarbonate, capable of ensuring superior optical clarity. Innovative design, designed to increase the hydrodynamics in the water favoring the...
K180 goggle MP Michael Phelps - 2020 K180 goggle MP Michael Phelps - 2020 2
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€17.99 €19.99
New collection 2020 MICHAEL PHELPS: The K180 glasses are designed by Aqua Sphere for competitive swimmers, triathletes and open water swimmers. Hydrodynamic shape, asymmetrical lens with a wider field of view of 180 degrees and interchangeable nose bridges to achieve maximum comfort. Available in different colors.
Childrens (6-14)

Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Junior Speedo

€15.92 €19.90
Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Junior goggle, made by Speedo, has a super-soft seal to offer maximum comfort. Designed with gelatinous materials and equipped with Speedo Biofuse® technology, this goggle offers an even softer and more cushioned fit around the eye. Recommended for all little swimmers, specifically for children between 6 and 14 years old. This is...
Childrens (6-14)

Speedo Holowonder Junior

€15.12 €18.90
Swimming goggles for children Speedo model Holowonder Junior is perfect for young swimmers between 6 and 10 years who want to swim and have fun in the water. Characterized by a frame printed with holograms. Equipped with anti-fog technology.
Childrens (6-14)

Speedo Jet Junior

€7.92 €9.90
Perfect for small swimmers, Jet junior goggles offer a clear and uninterrupted vision and a secure and comfortable fit. Equipped with anti-fog technology, double strap and seal, and silicone frame. Suitable for 6+ years.
Speedo Sea Squad Skoogle Kids Speedo Sea Squad Skoogle Kids 2
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Childrens (2-6)

Speedo Sea Squad Skoogle Kids

€9.52 €11.90
Sea Squad Skoogle Kids Speedo goggles, ideal for children aged between 2 and 6 years learning to swim, these quality goggles for children are with easy adjustment. Featuring the cute Speedo Sea Squad characters.
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