Lap counters

Swim lap counters

All the best models of lap counters available on the market, ideal for swimming practice and training, but not only. From wrist, finger, with chronometer or without function, interfaceable with PC or with motion sensors, you have to choose only your model.

Poolmate Live Download Clip
Poolmate Live Download Clip is a USB cable with a clip that allows you to connect your watch to Poolmate Live pc or mac to download data on your swim
Poolmate Live Swimovate Poolmate Live Swimovate 2
Lap counters

Swimovate Poolmate Live

The PoolMateLive has all our swim monitoring functions including laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length, strokes per minute and efficiency which are automatically calculated from your arm movements. In addition to the set by set information shown by the PoolMate and PoolMatePro, with the download clip the PoolMateLive downloads data for...
Aquacoaches Speedo Aquacoaches Speedo 2
Lap counters

Speedo Aqua Coaches

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