Swimming kickboards

Swimming Kickboards

A pool kickboard allows you to focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the blow of the legs. It represents an essential training tool for both the competitive swimmer and the beginner

Swimming kickboards

Kickboards Funky Trunks - Funkita

€19.76 €21.95
Swimming kickboard Funkita - Funky Trunks improves buoyancy, fits for leg enhancement and teaches the body to swim more horizontally so that it will increase efficiency, speed, and strength. Made of durable Eva foam. Size 42 x 27 cm, thick 3.5 cm.
Swimming kickboards

Tyr GBR Kickboard

€19.60 €24.50
GBR fashion also goes crazy in swimming and for this reason Tyr has created a "GBR line". The kickboard - tablet for swimming, made of EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) is the perfect tool to accompany you during your training sessions.
Mad Wave Pullkick Alignment Mad Wave Pullkick Alignment 2
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Swimming kickboards

Mad Wave Pullkick Alignment

€22.46 €24.95
Mad Wave's Pullkick Alignment combines the advantages of a tablet and a pull buoy. With its unique hydrodynamic shape, with extreme simplicity during a training session, you can use it both as a tablet and as a pull. Made of durable EVA foam material.
Pull Buoy

Arena Pullkick Pro

€14.39 €17.99
The Pullkick Pro Arena is a multifunctional training tool for professional swimmers. It combines two classic devices in one device: the tablet and the pull buoy. The small size and innovative grip increase stability. It can be used together with the Swim Snorkel Pro to focus more on the swimming technique.
Swimming kickboards

Speedo EVA Kickboard

€22.41 €24.90
EVA Speedo kickboards, designed to improve the physical shape of the lower body, improving speed in the water so you can focus on the technique of football and improve leg strength
 Speedo Fastskin Pull buoy  Speedo Fastskin Pull buoy 2
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Swimming kickboards

Speedo Fastskin Kickboard

€31.92 €39.90
Spedo Fastskin system combaining science and speed fo swimmer's performance. Constructed from optimum materials and based on the science behind swimming, Fastskin kickboard is built to meet the specific demands of the Elite swimmer.
Pull Buoy

Arena Swim Keel

€26.36 €32.95
The Swim Keel is an innovative swimming aid patented by the Arena, it is a tool for multifunctional training.It can be used as a table and pullbuoy and can serve six types of training
Swimming kickboards

Tyr USA Kickboard

€19.60 €24.50
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Kickboard Arena (tavoletta) Kickboard Arena (tavoletta) 2
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Swimming kickboards

Arena Training Kickboard

€18.39 €22.99
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Swimming kickboards

Speedo Pull kick

€18.32 €22.90
Kickboard and Pull Buoy (2 in 1) Speedo for swimming in the pool. In EVA (ethylvinylacetate) with embossed Speedo logo on the upper side. Extremely versatile product that can be used both as a table and as a buoy pull, allowing mixed legs-arms series. Linea Speedo Elite.
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