Have you ordered goods but you don't like them or the size is not correct? No problem you have fourteen (14) days, starting from the date of receipt of the package, to request a RETURN and be reimbursed *. Size change is possible only for italian customers.

READ CAREFULLY. The return is possible if the product reaches us intact, never used in water, with the labels attached and the packaging intact. Returns for products arrived in our warehouses dirty, with deteriorated / absent original box or because they were not properly packed during transport will not be accepted. If the return / exchange is not accepted, the return shipping costs will be at your expense.

Returns Policy *, **

the steps to follow to make your return within fourteen (14) days of receiving the package

  1. Click here and access your personal area by entering your credentials. If you are not registered and have made the purchase as a guest user, you can still make your return request by sending an email to us;
  2. click on the "order history and details" button. Search for your order and then click on the "details" button. At this point check the boxes corresponding to the items you want to return or change. Then write a short reason for your return, then click on the "make a return note" button. Once the request has been sent, wait for our reply and return email, which will arrive within 24 hours. The email will include all instructions for returning the package;
  3. once you have received the acceptance email, go back to your account and click on "return my goods" where you will find a box with the details of your return request. Click on "print" save the return document and print it. Fill out the return document where required with the necessary information;
  4. Send the package and wait for a refund. If you do not receive a refund within 10 working days, contact us

( * ) With the return all items sent back to us will be refunded, excluding shipping costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there paper forms to fill out and send to make a return?
No form to fill out; all you have to do is print the return / change size document obtained following your online return request, and insert it in the package to be sent.

Can I return several items at the same time?
Absolutely yes! You can also return only some items of your order.

If I ask for a refund by coupon how do I get my voucher and how can I use it?
You will receive an email with a coupon of the same amount to the expense made by you for the purchase of the returned product; you can use your voucher to purchase any item on our site: just enter the code of your coupon in the dedicated area inside the "shopping cart". The coupon is valid for one year and can be spent in a single payment.

How do I package my package to prevent products from being damaged during shipment?
Insert the items into a well-sealed box. Do not use only the original packaging of the manufacturer, because in case of damage to the product during shipment we could not accept your return. You can safely pack your products using the envelope or box with which we have sent you the items, or any other cardboard box of the size necessary to contain the product to be returned.

I can return an article even if I live abroad?
Yes. If you live abroad and want to make a return, just send an email to info@nuotomaniashop.it

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