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Italian company operating in the development of new technological devices for swimming. The goal is improve the performance of swimmers by technology.

The most accurate, precise and sensitive activity tracker for swimmers is now a reality thanks to XMetrics. The device uses sensors biomechanical which together with complex algorithms are able to provide a wide range of biomechanical parameters and a detailed analysis of your strokes. XMetrics offers a unique workout, allowing swimmers to effectively strengthen their performance, with the support of advanced technologies.

XMetrics PRO XMetrics PRO 2
Lap counters

XMetrics PRO

XMETRICS PRO is an innovative activity tracker developed by swimmers for swimmers. XMETRIX PRO is much more than a lap counters. It is able to detect any kind of biomechanical data on your swim technique. Compared to XMetrics FIT , PRO version has in addition: a training functions with programmable alerts, evaluating the frequency of stroke, ability to...
XMetrics FIT XMetrics FIT 2
Lap counters

XMetrics FIT

XMETRICS FIT supports swimmers as a real virtual coach, leaving you the freedom to swim without taking account of the number of laps and times. XMETRICS FIT is a gauge of performance for your swimming activity, and allows you to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Main product's features : lap count, strokes count, lap time, calories burned,...
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