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All the best models of lap counters available on the market, ideal for swimming practice and training, but not only. From wrist, finger, with chronometer or without function, interfaceable with PC or with motion sensors, you have to choose only your model.

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  • XMetrics PRO
    299,00 €
    XMetrics PRO

    XMETRICS PRO is an innovative activity tracker developed by swimmers for swimmers. XMETRIX PRO is much more than a lap counters. It is able to detect any kind of biomechanical data on your swim technique. Compared to XMetrics FIT , PRO version has in addition: a training functions with programmable alerts, evaluating the frequency of stroke, ability to...

    299,00 €
  • XMetrics FIT

    XMETRICS FIT supports swimmers as a real virtual coach, leaving you the freedom to swim without taking account of the number of laps and times. XMETRICS FIT is a gauge of performance for your swimming activity, and allows you to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Main product's features : lap count, strokes count, lap time, calories burned, stroke...

  • Swimsense FINIS
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    Swimsense FINIS

    The Swimsense Live is a waterproof fitness-tracking device that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data. Whether you're a competitive swimmer, a coach, or an all-around fitness guru, the FINIS SwimSense™ Live Swim Watch Tracker lets you analyze results and improve your performance. Live is engineered to capture stroke...

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  • Poolmate Live Swimovate

    The PoolMateLive has all our swim monitoring functions including laps, strokes, speed, distance, calories, stroke length, strokes per minute and efficiency which are automatically calculated from your arm movements. In addition to the set by set information shown by the PoolMate and PoolMatePro, with the download clip the PoolMateLive downloads data for...

  • PoolMate contavasche Swimovate

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  • Contavasche SportCount CHRONO 100 rosso

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  • Poolmate Live Download Clip

    Poolmate Live Download Clip is a USB cable with a clip that allows you to connect your watch to Poolmate Live pc or mac to download data on your swim

  • Contavasche SportCount COMBO azzurro

    SportCount COMBO contavasche per il nuoto in piscina pratico ed ergonomico con la funzione di cronometro (tempo trascorso, tempi parziali, tempo più veloce - lento - medio) e contavasche. Indossato sul dito indice si aziona attraverso una semplice pressione del pollice. 

  • Contavasche SportCount COUNTER grigio

    Modello base del contavasche SportCount. COUNTER è un pratico conta vasche da dito la cui unica funzione è quella di contare le vasche in modo progressivo. Con una semplice pressione del dito non perderai più il conto! Ottimo per nuotatori, runners, triatleti e ciclisti durante i loro allenamenti.

  • SportCount Stopwatch

    The StopWatch model is especially useful to athletes who time their own sprint workouts. The Stop Watch is great for spectator timing sports (e.g. car races, swim meets) and many other non-athletic timing uses.

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items