Arena Instinct Collection

Arena dedicates to Gregorio Paltrinieri, Adam Peaty and Sarah Sjostrom
a limited edition collecction. Swim caps, training swimwear,
t-shirt, sweatshirt and competition swimsuits.

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  • Instinct Collection - Powerskin Carbon Flex VX FBSLOB Arena
    383,20 € 479,00 € -20% In Stock
    Arena Instinct Collection - Powerskin...

    From the Instinct Arena Collection presents the Carbon Flex VX series a technology concentrate applied to competition swimsuits. A swimsuit that offers form and flexibility while retaining the benefits of Carbon compression technology. Available in 4 different models: Adam Peaty, Gregory Paltrinieri, Sarah Sjöström, Katinka Hosszu.

    383,20 €
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  • Instinct Collection - Arena Powerskin Carbon Flex VX Jammer
    239,20 € 299,00 € -20% In Stock
    Arena Instinct Collection - Powerskin...

    The Powerskin Carbon Flex VX from the Instinct Arena Collection combines the innovative VX design with Carbon Fabric technology, in a competitive swimsuit for both long and short distances. The "carbon cage", unique for the Carbon range, compresses the muscles while still ensuring maximum freedom of movement. Available in 3 different models: Adam Peaty,...

    239,20 €
    299,00 € -20%
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  • Arena Gregorio Paltrinieri - Man Hooded Sweatshirt
    45,47 € 64,95 € -30% In Stock
    Arena Gregorio Paltrinieri - Man Hooded...

    Exclusive from the line inspired by the Italian swimmer Gregorio Paltrinieri of ARENA specialized in free style. Symbol for the Instinct Limited Edition collection The Imuji dragon in red and orange. Adjustable hooded sweatshirt with zip closure, retractable pockets.

    45,47 €
    64,95 € -30%
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  • Swimsuit Woman Sarah Sjöström Arena
    32,97 € 54,95 € -40% In Stock
    Arena Swimsuit Woman Sarah Sjöström

    LIMITED EDITION available until stocks are exhausted will not be reassembled. Women's swimsuit, inspired by the Swedish swimmer Sarah Sjöström of the Arena specializing in fast butterfly and freestyle races. Decorated with two eagle wings on the bust. The MaxLife fabric is ultra-resistant to chlorine, it does not shape over time. Extra-soft, does not...

    32,97 €
    54,95 € -40%
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items