Arena competitive swimwearThis post aims to provide an overview of the Arena competitive swimwear with advice for choosing. Since January 2020, the Tolentino (Italy) based company has focused its range of racing swim suits on 4 carbon fiber models. In addition to the new Powerskin Carbon Glide and Powerskin Carbon Core FX the line also includes the Powerskin Carbon Air2 and the Powerskin Carbon Duo. Nuoto Mania Shop has chosen not to include the Powerskin Carbon Duo in the catalog because it is considered by our experts to be low-performing and practical. This however does not exclude that it can still be an excellent swim suit.

In 2020 the production of the Powerskin Carbon Flex VX and Carbon Ultra was stopped. For this reason, these models, starting from March 2020, are considered discontinued and therefore sold at a 30% discount. In addition, over the seasons Arena often sells LTD (limited editions) for its competition swim suits. These editions are produced in a limited number of pieces, therefore once they are sold out it is impossible to find other pieces.

TIP: if you are interested in a limited edition, take it immediately before it ends! Let's now go into the specifics of the individual swimwear models by listing the innovative aspects of each of them.

Adam Peaty with Arena Carbon GlidePowerskin Carbon Glide

It is the most sophisticated and advanced race swim suit that Arena has ever designed and at the moment is the top of the Carbon range. It offers the swimmer:

  • a great underwater slip and a sensation of speed different from any other swim suit;
  • great lightness, excellent compression, adequate muscle support for a better body hold without mobility limitations;
  • increase in swimming power and stability;
  • longer duration of the fabric: the swim suit lasts longer and deteriorates more slowly.

These characteristics are due to two new technologies, the Hydroglide fabric and the Carbon Extreme Cage. These combined innovations can offer a new experience in competitive performance. The Hydroglide is hydrodynamic and ultralight, smooth to the touch and guarantees incredible smoothness and speed, reducing friction and turbulence in critical areas. The Carbon Extreme Cage features carbon fibers woven into the fabric in a narrow grid pattern that wraps specific muscle groups, providing exceptional muscle support and better body hold. The swim suit also employs a unique taping structure, with carbon strategically infused into the woven lining to activate the main muscle groups. Many samples from the Arena Elite team were involved in the Carbo Glide tests. This is the feedback of the Olympic champion Ranomi Kromowdjojo (Holland): “This swim suit is beautiful. It has excellent compression above and all around the legs. The construction around the bust gives the feeling of having a push on the surface and forward. I only know that the swim suit is fast! " . While Sarah Sjöström (Sweden) said: "The swim suit helped me to have a quicker and easier reaction to the kick."

TIP: multipurpose swim suit suitable for mystists and for all distances. Intermediate compression.

Katinka Hosszú with Arena Carbo Core FX Powerskin Carbon Core FX

The number two in the carbon range is the swim suit that compresses the most. It offers the swimmer:

  • a powerful sensation of blockage together with an exceptional central support through a high level of compression on all areas of the body;
  • lifting effect of the legs which helps the swimmer to keep the hips raised, even when fatigued;
  • maximum compression and reduction of resistance;
  • in the women's model a feeling of blockage from the legs to the trunk with better mobility of the upper body, without compromising general compression and support.

This swim suit uses the same Carbon Cage technology as the Glide unlike it, however, it has a new double-taped structure on the back of the legs of both women's swim suits and men's jammers, providing a lifting effect on the legs. In the women's model, the internal infusion made of carbon fiber has been extended along the side of the swim suit with an incision just below the chest.

TIP: swim suit probably more suitable for sprinters. Important compression.

Gregorio Paltrinieri and Ranomi Kromowdjojo with Arena Carbon Air2Powerskin Carbon AIR2

Considering the entry leavel of the carbon swimwear range, it is the one that compresses the least

  • very light, easy to wear, great freedom of movement;
  • long-lasting and more resistant; absorbs little water and thus reduces resistance;
  • in women minor compression on the chest, facilitating breathing and allowing the swimmer to move more freely;
  • in men less pressure on the hips and better flexibility around the hip flexors.

One piece construction with a single heat sealing on the back which makes it like a second skin. Internal lining designed with 3 separate panels and reduced amount of internal lining. Carbon Air2 is characterized by horizontal carbon bands that offer a comfortable level of compression that gives the sensation of "fitting with a brush".

Arena Powerskin Carbon Glide - VIDEO

Arena Powerskin Carbon Core - VIDEO

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