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The Nuotomania brand was born in 2007 from the genius of Gian Maria D'Amici founder of the homonymous portal ( the first in Italy specialized in swim training programs. In 2009 the project of the online shop was launched and was born where you can buy swimwear for men or women, swim goggles, swimwear, backpacks and bags, various accessories and much more.

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Elastico tubolare con maniglie No Brand Elastico tubolare con maniglie No Brand 2
Land training

Dry-land With Plastic Handles

Dry-land With Plastic Handleshas been designed to simulate swimming movements and to improve your strength and stamina. Durable materials and comfortable plastic handles ensure safety and convenience. Comes in five different resistances
Elastico tubolare con palette No Brand Elastico tubolare con palette No Brand 2
Land training

Dry-land Hand Paddle Set

Hand paddles have a crucial role in dry-land strengthening trainings. Due to their neoprene bands perfectly fit the hands, thereby protecting them. The elastic tube secured to the strap moves freely, completely adjusting to the movement of the specific exercises.
Resistance training

Swim Parachute

€30.60 €36.00
A comfortable, adjustable nylon belt connected to a durable parachute creates resistance during workout. The added resistance builds muscle and endurance. Compatible with all four swim strokes and does not interfere with kicking or flip turns.
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Gift Card

Are you looking for a useful, practical and smart gift for a for a swimmer friend? Choose the gift card, the perfect gift for a swimmer. With our gift card it's like offering hundreds of different gifts. Choose the amount, place the order and wait, within 24 hours we will send the voucher in your email or in that of the lucky recipient.
Training swim caps

Custom Swim Caps

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Resistence bands for swimming Resistence bands for swimming 2
Land training

Resistence Band

no sku
Resistance band exercises are a great way to prevent and rehabilitate shoulder injuries. Bands can help you slowly build strength in your shoulders, arms, and back without overexerting yourself. If you swim frequently, and you’re worried about shoulder injury, these band exercises will surely help.

Swedish Goggle Strap Kit

Tubular elastic for colored Swedish loupes with knot clips. A simple and inexpensive way to change the look of your glasses as many times as you want. The product is available in 6 different colors: black, light blue, blue, pink, purple, green.
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